AdCel gives the opportunity to outside developers, using software tools, to get and add application data. One of such interaction ways is to use API.

REST API defines a set of functions to which developers can make requests and receive responses. The interaction occurs via HTTP. The advantage of this approach is the wide spreading of HTTP protocol; that’s why REST API can be virtually used from any programming language. REST API is designed primarily for requests from external servers to AdCel servers.

On this page you will find a list of all the technical documentation for this API.

How to use REST API

All method calls API - are GET or PUT HTTP-requests to the URL with a certain set of parameters. You choose the desired method in the documentation, for example apps / add_app, build a query according to the procedure documentation and carry out this request. In response to the request you will get the result, which is also described in the documentation of each function. Encoding result - UTF-8. The request data may be transmitted as a query-line (after the “?” sign ) using the GET method, or in the body of POST-query. Remember that in the case of GET-request the parameters must be encoded using the URL encoding.

For all the issues that have to do with the development you can contact support.

All request Headers

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